A 6-1 lead against Strasburg who is 8-1 against the Phillies in his lifetime. Nola on the mound for us. I’d say it was over. Not hardly!

9 unanswered home runs and a borderline fair or foul HR by the Nats created an 11 to 6 loss in extra innings.

It was “boom boom” time for Phillies pitching. Nola, Neris, Alvarez… who cares anymore! I knew we’d score um, but I wasn’t too sure we’d stop the other guys from doing the same!

It’s an issue. I’m not ready to completely blame Kapler yet. Let’s see. Kapler left Nola in past 81 pitches last night, and he had a 6 – 2 lead. Shoulda been enough to cruise home with a win on a warm night. It wasn’t.

Perhaps Chris Young & Jim Gott are relying on those changeups a little too much. Working on new pitches, when the old pitches might just work fine this year.

I promise myself that with a lead – I’m going to sleep in the top of the 7th! 🙄

I never liked pitchers…


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