Flyers need to decide

The Flyers are at a crossroads. The core: Giroux, Voracek & Coots. Do you move them or keep building. Do you look to resign Simmonds after this year?

Do they need speed? Do they need goals? Do they need defense? Is Hart the man… finally?! And who is going to coach?

GM Fletcher will be infront of the cameras this morning to take the heat, to point the direction and to make the moves.

It appears that the defense needs to be better matched. Ghost said he had handcuffs on him by “Gordo”. Provy and Ghost play zero defense without a stay at home defenseman. Those D types may be coming soon. Let’s face it. The big guys are maturing. But a great defender to lead this group like a Pronger would be the key.

Offensively, there are plenty of goals out there. Reimer proved his worth. Two excellent front lines are there now.

The key since Bernie retired and Pelle passed away is the same one that it’s been every year. The goalie. Hexie was good for 58 minutes a game. Those other two minutes cost us the Cups. Carter Hart could be that guy. His injury hurt him bad. 9 straight wins and then he got hurt. Without the ankle injury, he’s golden and we’re in the playoffs. I still believe he’s hurting.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. I never thought they’d fire Hexie. The egos upstairs have blocked us for decades. Mucking and grinding needs 4 lines. Speed hockey needs one or two great scorers. But the goalie wins the Cup!

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

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