Bobby Jones HOFamer: The Glue that won the 1983 NBA Title

Bobby Jones came from UNC. He was very fundamentally sound, pointed his finger in thanks to a teammate who made a great pass to him on a bucket and he gave up shots to the greatest NBA Players to win a title.

He played for Dean Smith at UNC. And on the “Four, Five, Four” Title Run he hit the biggest foul shots that doomed the Milwaukee Bucks at the Spectrum in Game 2. He had the skills. He was the guy that Doctor J held on to for dear life in The Sixer’s LA Forum Locker Room after the sweep of The Lakers. He was a Dean Smith protege. And Sixer HC Billy Cunnigham (another UNC guy) knew he needed him to win!

Congratulations Bobby Jones. NBA Hall of Fame Member 2019.

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