The Phillies are hot! They are scoring runs at the greatest rate in the history of modern baseball. Forget the 1927 Yankees.

McCutchen is “clutch’in”. From the first AB with his HR. He’s been walloping the ball. Segura is hitting to all fields and with power🧨

Harper, Hoskins & Realmuto. Nuff said. Are Maris, Mantle & Mize in trouble for posterity? Just might be.

Odubel stung 3 doubles the other day and looks to be showing no wary signs from that ham string in Spring Training that sidelined him for a few key weeks. Cesar is making good contact. He’s getting on and scoring runs. And our eighth hitter with 22 HRs and 77 RBIs last year is down right killing the ball. Pitchers can’t pitch around him. Too many men on base when he’s getting to the plate and under 2 outs they may get the pitcher, but Mr. Clutch is in the on deck circle. Maikel Franco!

A tip of the hat to Matt Klentak. He put together a great lineup. Spent smart money! And just think. Harper is here for 12 more years after this one!

Pitching analysis tomorrow. 🙏🙏🙏

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