Quenneville, Bylsma and Yeo head list to be Flyers new HC

The choice seems clear. It’s the Stanley Cup. And the potential new HC’s on the hire list all have something to do with Lord Stanley’s Trophy! Scott Gordon unfortunately does not sniff anywhere close to The Cup…

Scott Gordon has a chance. But by missing the playoffs doomed the up and coming NHL Coach. One day he will get the shot. Unfortunately, a weak defense and a long string of injuries – especially Carter Hart – hurt the Flyers and Gordon beyond repair.

As for the future, let’s say Quenneville is the class choice. Three cups will do that. Bylsma is a Penguin. So is Yeo. Nuff said. But there was the time Freddie Shero left Philly for The Rangers and darn near win a Cup! Even with that example, Quenneville beat us for a Cup. Oh that Stanley Cup. You’ve been a away a looooooong time.


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