The preoccupation with Aaron Nola’s changeup

Enough already. Gabe The Tinker is up to it again. He is having Nola work on his straight changeup instead of his tailing changeup in Nola’s first two starts and guess what? NOLA’S A FASTBALL PITCHER!

As I write, the Phillies trail the Nats into the 8th due in large part to Kapler’s need to “tinker” with something! Lord knows he is perplexed by the fact that for the 5th straight day he has had to put out the same lineup. You know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE *^%#£ GOOD!

When asked how he managed his Twins to two World Championships, Tom Kelly responded, “I just try to stay the hell out of the way.”

Take a lesson Gabe.

Bring back Charlie.

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