Brett Brown soon to be gone

Josh Harris, Brett Brown’s sibling, which is why the narcissist hired him, will not be denied a title. But he’ll dress like he’s 30, sit next to his wife of a certain age, and FIRE BRETT BROWN’S ARSE!

Face it. He may know the game, but he doesn’t know the team. And they’re gonna get him fired.

Embiid is overweight and lazy. Looks like he needs sleep every game. Look at his weight two years ago until today. He needs hemaglobins!

Simmons plays like garbage every time his tart is in for a refreshment. And please God shoot a ten footer.

Jimmy Buckets is embarrassing Brett Brown ever time he can. He needs touches. He and Toby could carry these guys offensively all the way.

Who’s fault is this? Brett Brown. Fire him now.

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