The Flyers didn’t Choke. They’re just not good enough.

Sam Carchidi nailed it. The Flyers lack talent to win. He was polite. He called it “roster shortcomings”. I call it, “WE stunk.” My God, we used 9 Goalies this year! It is a glaring symbol of why we have not won a Stanley Cup in nearly 50 years. As WE have been in the Finals 6x since 1974, most recently in 2010, WE do keep making things interesting. But our Goalies always leave us down.

Whether it is The lesser goalie, “mucking and grinding” or this year, weak defense and lazy wingers; our boys are less than the big boys.

Will WE get it together. Carter Hart just might be the answer. He’s better than any goalie that I have ever seen since Pelle or better said: Bobrovsky. Hart has that ridiculous agility that great goalies need. May God rest on his shoulder and in his glove forever!

Sam nails it. Great read.

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