Sixer Fans like all fans complain tooooo much

Brethren, that includes all Philadelphia Team Fans, stop. Just stop. Complaining, or otherwise known as b-tch-ng, needs to end. It’s your fear, ignorance and last second “I told you so” that will doom the Sixers or any other team WE LOVE.

The radio knuckleheads and print retards all poke you when you’re hungover, and you bite for their garbage. And that’s all it is.

The SIXERS: Simmons, Embiid, Butler, Harris & Reddick. THAT’S IT! They win or Brown gets fired. Like Gene Shue to Billy C.

Summons learns to shoot a 12-15 footer this summer. And it’s LIGHTS OUT! WE WIN THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP. Everything works with a little tweak. Moses Malone showed up and it was “Fo, Five, Fo!” Game over! Next year they choked again. So what! WE loved them! Then Harold Katz messes it all up. But WE still love the little twerp for the 1983 team! Josh Harris is the same guy with more money. He wants the title and will spend BILLIONS to get it!

Don’t bite for the BS. The media does it on purpose. That’s why I go dark on them. Read and think. WE ARE THE GREATEST FANS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

Relish our Omnipotence!

Would any other team love Alshon? Would anybody love The Flyers without Big Ed? Dedication to a baseball team on their way to 11,000 losses? Or a team that owed us 1,2,3,4 and traded Wilt Chamberlain?!


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