Angels and MLB?

Are they in it together? When Joe Torre, former Yankee manager and current MLB Chief “who knows what” director spoke about Mike Trout, it sounded like MLB wants Trout in Anaheim. Torre said, “Why shouldn’t he have a 12 year contract too?” The inference to the other players receiving huge contracts is clear. Or perhaps MLB wants a West Coast Star. Call him the Anti Yankee, Anti Philly or Anti Red Sox.

Perhaps, like the NFL, MLB is bracing for a labor problem and want to split the MLB Players Union btw the Rich Stars and the bench jockeys?

Maybe Anaheim wanted to lock Trout up before Bryce Harper gets to him!

Or perhaps the figure of $430,000,000 to $500,000,000 escalates even higher? That plays into MLB trying to protect the Angels and many other teams in the salary wars to come. But, as I look out, Vlad Guerrero’s son is swinging a strong bat these days too. The new “up in comers” may command $1,000,000,000.

That’s all collusion and madness. Free agency is fun. It lets fans dream. It fills the seats for the also ran clubs… like The Angels.

Big and long contracts solidify the economic structure of MLB. Albeit, I’m not sure how you take a family of four to a game. I remember General Admission for .50 cents in 1975. Now that seat is reserved and probably $50.

Lets hope that big contracts add more fun to MLB. Also, let’s hope it doesn’t price fans to their tv seats.

Did Trout sign yet?

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