Phillies Starters???

Brethren, I’m scared too. The starters… including Nola, look shaky. Now I know it’s March 19… IT’S MARCH 19TH! THE HOME OPENER IS MARCH 28TH!


Let’s look at the mess. Nola has been working on a straight changeup. It’s been good, but it hasn’t been perfect. Nola’s given up some crooked numbers this spring. Is he ready? Is he working too much on the new changeup?

Arrieta. Folks, I’m worried here. No doubt he gives up gofer balls. But now he’s getting rocked all over the field. Pivetta has been the same way. And Velazquez too. It’s a hard throwing staff, but they’re getting hit. Eflin may be the #5 with his hellicious deuce. He’s sharp. But that’s 4 starts with question marks.

Now maybe it’s the calling of the game. maybe it’s getting used to Realmuto or the backups. It could be vanilla pitching just to hit numbers and get ready. These guys are pros. It just looks ugly.

Let’s watch the last starts before heading north. If WE get trounced on March 28th by the Braves…. 😳😳

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