The Flyers cling on to the drive for the playoffs and they laid a lethal blow to the Penguins last night. And it always seems to start with Couturier and Malkin.

Last night Malkin was shelved. When he doesn’t play against the Flyers, anything can happen especially a Flyer win. But when Malkin plays, the Pens dominate the Flyers. It’s that one missing edge that changes the entire ice. Malkin frees up everybody on the ice… namely Crosby. And that is why Malkin is the highest paid Penguin.

But to retort, Malkin number one nemesis is Sean Couturier. He covers Malkin like a blanket, and he frustrates the Pen into mistakes and irrelevance.

Last night, it was Couturier time. He was the Flyer to make the late goal play that opened up Murray for Reemers goal to tie with almost nothing left on the clock. Then he gave the Flyers the win in OT with a great wrist shot under the blocker of Murray. And by the way, Murray looked pedestrian and Carter Hart looked like Bernie last night!

In all, the Flyers are hanging on. The playoffs could be a dream. But the first round for the Pens could be a nightmare.

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