The Sixers dominated the Bucks all afternoon as Jimmy Buckets, JoJo Embiid and Ben Simmons came up huge when they needed to score. Solid ball movement by the Sixers and terrible three point shooting by the Bucks sealed the game’s fate. Giannis A. is truly a star. His 50 points were relentless. But when he tried to intimidate the Sixers, especially Ben Simmons, the team erupted with in your face dunks and strong defense. JoJo had 38 points with 16 in the 4th.

Key foul shooting by The Sixers ended the match. Embiid and Butler hit their fouls.

There is truly bad blood between these teams. Let’s hope it carries into to playoffs because it favors the Sixers. Terrible three point shooting will be the demise of the Bucks.

The Bucks can not hang with the Sixers!

Caveat: JJ is playing hurt. Must have him healthy for the playoffs.

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