For the Phils: Is there enough starting pitching to win?

Watching Jake Arrieta get shallacked yesterday in spring training makes you think… if Nola gets hurt, WE’re dead.

You can out score them or out pitch them & play defense to win baseball games.

The Phils may have to score a few early to get to their outstanding bullpen in order to win this year.

Perhaps Velazquez can throw 99 mph and strikeout his way to the 5th inning. He’s got the stuff to win that way. Perhaps Pivetta can harness his speed. Perhaps Jake Arrieta can get outs. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps. Too many “Perhaps” and you’re golfing by early August.

The Phillies need a wily old vet, circa The Jamie Moyer Era. A proven winner on the mound to give you that big win on the third day. We expect miracles on the third day, and that’s just what it may take to win a World Series with the current staff.

Now don’t get me wrong. There is very young talent in the minors to put into that staff. Eshelman and Irvin come to mind.

But perhaps a June trade for a healthy Madison Bumgartner could solidify a staff that once had Jamie Moyer do the same thing in 2008.

Trust the Brain Trust. Trust the Process? Look at the Sixers now!

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