He stands 6’6″, and he has the power to complement the Harper, Hoskins, Trout Trioka to come in our Phillies future. The future for the Phils is beyond bright and very power laden. Much like the first time this reporter “heard” my first Rhys Hoskins HR hit in Allentown. He just hit the ball so hard that the distance meant nothing. It was gone from the crack. It sounded “Hard”. It sounded powerful.

For Dylan Cozens the ball coming off his bat not only comes off “hard” like Rhys Hoskins, but it has that “explosive” jump element to it that every HR hitter has. The ball seems to leap or jump off his bat – explodes – and it moves with speed as the ball launches to the outfield. Cozens has a Bobby Bonilla posture about him. Without dating myself, think athletic and strong / solid frame. And at 6’6″, he’s got the tools to join an already burgeoning juggernaut of talent that could make the Phillies special. I’m all in!

And the hitters just keep on coming!


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