One Giant Leap

By The Wick

Faith without works is dead.

Looking at it another way…

If you are sitting in a sailboat, stuck.

You can definitely pray for wind, and you should. But you also better start rowing for shore.

So many things in life come down to choices. We make thousands on a daily basis.

It’s automatic.

It’s only through the benefit of hindsight that we discover whether they were good choices or not.

Either way as long as you grow through every choice you are heading in the right direction.

Forgive my lengthy intro leading to this simple point.

Yesterday it was announced that the Eagles are trading for DeSean Jackson.

And I am so friggin excited.

Whether or not he performs at an elite level is utterly mute to me.

Nine years ago I made a choice to acquire a Jackson jersey.

And even in his absence I have worn it faithfully.

I have other jerseys but I was championing a one man army of faith that one day our prodigal son would return.

Full disclosure I also wore it because I looked damn good in it (hold for laughs)

So what’s the point?

Nothing except…

Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to victory.

A road we are firmly on, with our favorite flyer, DJax.

Until next time…

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