Brett Brown ain’t Larry!

“Even after wins, social media is nothing but one big fruitless argument over Brett’s  coaching philosophies and decision making.”

Larry Brown knew how to take care of A.I. Brett Brown can’t take care of Fultz? Butler? Simmons?

Brett Brown is a stand-off college coach. He’s over his head. Josh Harris hires him because Harris’ is a narcissist. They love the look. Put them together and Harris/Brown look like brothers.

But if you can’t win with this team… but he is! It’s a perception and it’s small time NBA coaching mistakes. Come on, were too bright about our sports than that. WE have always spotted dumb coaching moves. When it goes 60-40 bad coaching, you’re done with Philly Fans. Andy Reid replay flags come to mind. Rhino infield practice?

Brett Brown seems hamstrung with his players. There doesn’t seem to be any rapport. And there may be no next year either.

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