Keuchel still on the Phillies Stove!

You can’t have too many lefties… especially starting pitching.

Dallas Keuchel has been disrespected by his home team for far too long. The Astros offered him a skippy one year $17.9 million. He deserves better… and more. And the Phillies just might give him more!

The reports are that the Phillies will go 2 years for $18M per year. It’s better that Houston, but is it enough to leave his home?

We shall see. Nola, Arrieta, Keuchel, Pivetta, Velazquez and Eflin are strong and there’s Eickhoff, Eshelman and Irvin almost ready. Maybe the Phillies stay pat. Maybe they make the final push for that World Championship now! Let’s keep spending that stupid money…

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