Pitching Wins Championships

It can not be argued with in baseball. Fernando, Cole, Cain, Hershieser, Clemens, Petitte. A Stud pitcher can take you all the way.

As you see Aaron Nola dazzle us with his pitching, he may be that “one” guy who WE can ride to a Broad Street Parade. Much like Cole Hamel in 2008, one pitcher can make it all happen. And then again, you need to get to the post season to do it.

The Phillies Staff makes that happen. Without a doubt, Nola, Arrieta, Pivetta, Velazquez and Eflin are a good staff. Can very well get us to the post season. But much like last year, they faltered past August 1 to the finish line.

Call it youth or inexperience or both, there’s a piece missing. Can Eschelman, Irvin, Eickhoff or Romero be that phenom to bolster the staff past good to special? Or from these pitchers is there the one special pitcher?

Can you say Keuchel?


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