Enjoy The Ride

By:Ryan “The Wick” Chadwick

Well March is finally upon us and it Roared into our lives with a thunderous winter gut punch.

Thanks Mother Nature!

If you are anything like me then right now you are in sports information overload heaven (or hell depending on how you view life’s half full glass).

We are right in the midst of Sports purgatory. March Madness hasn’t started yet but the games are exciting and important.

NBA playoffs are a month away but the storylines are ripe with hyperbole.

I swear if one more person asks me if Embiid is done for the year I’m going to throw up on myself.

Please reference my previous post about RELAXING. The Sixers will be fine. Instead of worrying about everything ENJOY the ride. Do I hope they win a championship? Of course. Realistically will they this year? I don’t know, probably not, but it’s OKAY. Every year 29 teams fans are disappointed. You have TRUSTED THE PROCESS this long, why lose faith now? Enjoy the ride.

The Flyers might make the playoffs or they won’t, either way their future is really really bright. Enjoy the ride.

The Phillies finally landed their off season prized possession. The fans are currently enjoying the ride by spending their hard earned money on tickets and apparel. Take a lesson from them, the team hasn’t even played a real game together but the fans are living in the moment and they are enjoying the ride.

Eagles fans lost gratitude really quick. One year after crying tears of joy and relief after finally winning a Super Bowl, they are jaded once again. Stop losing sleep over what is happening behind the scenes. Remember that your beloved birds will forever be Super Bowl champions. Enjoy the ride from now until they once again ascend the ladder. Because they will. Be patient. Slow it down. Remember that nothing is guaranteed.

I think that’s the message.

Depression is obsessing over the past.

Anxiety is obsessing over the future.

Embrace today. It’s a gift, that is why they call it the present.

Have faith that many parades down Broad Street are coming but until then remember that every day is a blessing so…Enjoy the Ride.

Until next time…

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