Curry carries Warriors over Sixers?

The Warriors beat the Sixers last night 120-117. As my daughter and I left the WF Center she said to me, “Man, Steph Curry can score.” I said to her, “Really?” I thought he had a terrible night shooting.

I was greeted with the WAPO headline that Curry had 28 to lead the Warriors last night. Folks, I swear Curry had two fouls early and spent most of his time on the bench after accumulating more fouls. I swear he missed so many shots that he was barely a factor. Down late; he hit some big shots. They always look better. And I guess they added up. 🤔

With out Embiid, Boban and Reddick (hurt back played pedestrian minutes and was covered like a glove especially by Curry), Jimmy B and Toby Harris has a tough go of the Warriors defense.

Bogey Cousins was a force. Durant scores important buckets. But they all played excellent defense. The bench of the Warriors (Lee and others) made the difference. The Sixer bench played all game long.

Injuries killed the Sixers last night. A healthy Sixers will always beat the Warriors. But let’s tip our hat to the Warriors. They are the Champs for a reason, and they showed it last night.🏀 It’s always defense.

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