Sixers finally beat OKC!

19 times. And the Sixers never beat the OKC Thunder. That’s an expansion team now in its 19th year. That’s bad. That’s Kevin Loughery 1972-73 Sixers bad. But that’s not today.

The Sixers with tough defense, Toby Harris raining in 3s and Jimmy Buckets taking the reigns with the rock FINALLY beat the OKC Thunder in OKC. Harper signs, Sixers Break a losing streak… and The Flyers need work.

🎼Clap your hands everybody! For The Phil-A- Delphia… Seventy Sixers!

P.S. The Toby Harris matchup with Steve Adams is a mismatch that will give the Sixers wins over OKC. Bank it. 😉

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