Sixers hang on to win by one! 111-110.

Jimmy Buckets blocked a Nola three point shot as the clock ran out and the buzzer sounded. The Sixers couldn’t hit a shot down the stretch save Jimmy Butler’s follow up two pointer at the 3:00 mark. From then on, The Sixers missed shots, 3s, 2s and foul shots as their 10 point lead fell away to a 1 point victory. 111-110. Boban The Magnificent went down with what looked like a serious knee injury with about 2 minutes left. His status is undetermined.

There is little doubt that Joel Embiid and now Boban are sorely missed. J J Reddick is definitely not himself without JoJo.

As the game closed, Anthony Davis was affixed to his chair on the bench. No answer was forthcoming for his absence down the stretch.

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