Penn State has a lot to prove

By Ryan “the wick” Chadwick

While the 2019 football season has some potential to be successful I believe the true test this year lies in the hands of James Franklin.

Here me out.

For decades Psu had a singular identity; JoePa.

The Legend amassed a record 409 wins and implemented the grand experiment: molding boys into scholar athletes, not just NFL talent.

Say what you want about how he handled the Sandusky tragedy , his work on the field and in the community still stands.

After Joe came Bill O’Brien. He was the guy who replaced the legend.

He served his purpose and passed the torch to James Franklin.

For the last several years Franklin has been blessed to stand behind generational talents.

Saquan Barkley is already the face of the NFL.

And Trace McSorley broke pretty much every record for QBs in PSU history.

This year the ball is solely in Franklins hands.

His tireless recruitment has shown signs of paying off, but this season has no “star”…at least not yet.

2019 is the year that Franklin can make or break his own legacy.

Will he be remembered as a George H.W (the face in front of the true leader), or will he stand up and stand out.

The Big Ten is ripe for the taking.

Ohio State lost lying Urban Myer.

Michigan wins ratings during the off season but falls flat when it counts.

And Michigan State is still reeling from their own devastating scandal.

There may be a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered this year, OR Franklin can prove his worth and coach up what he has.

Only time will tell.

Skeptics believe he is only a recruiting genius not a field general.

2019 should be the year that finally reveals what he truly is.

Either way, this proud alum will keep roaring with the lions we all love so well.

Until next time…We Are

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