Flyers over Pens. Does it tell us the future?

The Pittsburgh Penguins are a great hockey team. Arguably, Sydney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are the duo of Mario Lemiuex and Jaromire Jagr reincarnated. From Barrasso, to Fluery to Murray. The goal has been secure. Oh yeah, Jarry too!

That’s how the Pens have dominated hockey for 2 Stanley Cups in three years. It’s no accident. They’re good.

Last year, they just fell short of reaching the Finals again. Washington dominated them late and hoisted their First Cup last year. But why?

Watching the Flyers last night, the reason dawned on me. The Pens are getting older. And in hockey, you can get old fast. As the Flyers rushed around the Pens to steal a point from them, may I say this year, the “sagging” or “slowing” Pens, might not have it all anymore.

As things sit, The Pens are a few points out of a playoff spot. The Flyers trail the Pens by 6 or 7 points. Both are golfing early this year. In fact, they should be. They aren’t playing strong enough to make a real run at a Cup right now.

As always, the Pens can turn it on fast. The Flyers can’t. Why? The Flyers are too young and a slight bit under skilled. The Pens can’t say either of those things. To be true, aging is the Pens only excuse this year. That can’t get better. The Flyers can.

So as Murray looked helpless as the Flyers swarmed around him to steal a win in the outdoor classic at the Linc, can we say there might be a changing of the guard in the not too distant NHL future? Don’t tell them that I’m Tampa, Boston, Toronto and DC! It might just be a PA thing. Like last night.

We shall see.

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