With the news of Joel Embiid testing his knee for a week some sixers fans have begun to worry about the big mans availability for the rest of the season.

To those fans I will steal a quote from the Pride of Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers “R E L A X”

Take a moment to view the situation from a different point of view.

Last year Markell Fultz (RIP Orlando) literally broke JoJos face and the Sixers proceeded to win like a hundred straight games.

This years roster is like eight thousand percent better than last years.

As long as Coach Brown uses this time wisely aka get the other studs involved, this Embiid absence is actually a blessing.

Tobias Harris needs time to adjust to this squad.

Jimmy Buckets has played well but most would agree he hasn’t truly found his next level game as a Sixer.

And Ben Simmons can always use more time to blossom into THE MAN.

I don’t care if you think this is just a Hot Take.

I truly believe that Joel taking time off is the perfect way to get this team ready for the Playoffs.

Mark it.

Ryan Chadwick


The Wick

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