His sneaker exploded in the first minute of the big rivalry game infront of former President Obama sitting courtside. WHAT? The reaction of Coach K illustrated that he could barely care less. He sent an assistant to see if Zion Williamson was ok. Zion rolled his eyes in the direction of Coach K, “Like what do you care?!”

Then UNC blows out Duke without Williamson. It reeks of a gambler’s fix. It’s happened before. No player hurts themself on purpose to jeopardize their future.

Future “One and Done” Star, the future number one NBA pick and most formidable NCAA star, blows out his NIKE sneaker on the first pivot move of the game? No my friend, this doesn’t just happen.

Could it be a jealous player, could it be a sabotage of Nike, could it be a Coach gone rogue? The Philadelphia Post has sources on the ground at Duke. We will find out!


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