EDITORIAL: Socialism includes….

Tennessee Valley Authority,

The New Deal, Social Security, DSI, Unemployment Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Pension Guaranty Fund, Bailout of Chrysler, Ford, GM and every US Bank & Airline. Peace Corp, VISTA, Americorp, Amtrak, National Highway System & Gasoline Tax to pay for it., CHIP, Trumpcare, Obamacare, AFDC, WIC, Community Block Grants, Farm Subsidies to save the family farmer and save them with Food Purchase via Food Stamps, Low Income Heating Program, Rent Rebate Program, Real Estate Tax Rebate Program, NY State College Tuition Program, Fannie Mae, Sallie Mae, College Loan Program Pell / Student Grant, The National Park System, Housing & Urban Development Department, National Forestry Program, Super Fund Cleanup Program, The Smithsonian Museums….

Any questions? WE’RE LIVING IT NOW & COULDN’T SURVIVE WITHOUT IT. We’d have seniors and elderly living in the street. And our churches can’t do it. Or they would.

And we would have never landed on the Moon… 🌖

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