We are a stupid nation. “We were thrown out of every decent country in the world” – Bill Murray. The first wave of immigrants were WASP, Irish & Germany. Thrown out of their nations by genocide, exploitation, religious persecution and prejudice, these people’s came to America. But they did not treat the next wave of immigrants to America well at all. They treated them with the same racial hatred as their fore ancestors treated them in Ireland, Britain and Germany. Why? Because they were stupid, hateful and degenerate. Oh not everyone of them. Perhaps 10% were beyond that sickening ethnic abuse of xenophobia. And as for the African Americans and Caribbean, Central & South Americans and anyone of color for that matter, I quote General Robert E. Lee who truly represented the “culture of the south” for those stupid enough to watch Fox News today.

Consider then the fact that people with little schooling, Intelligence and education espouse the most intricate facsimiles of hate and prejudice as if they were parrots to the world! The person who graduated last in your high school class lectures you on world affairs as if they are programmed via Cavuto, Hannity, Dobbs, Perino and other over made up cheerleaders of narcissism, ethnophobia and hate. They are the Fox, Drudge, Limbaugh, Ingrahm, Coulter, Carlson and Hannity brainwashed mallet heads and followers thereof immigrated now from Italy, Ireland, England and Germany. They hate everybody who they condescend to from their trailers and opiod fascinations. They fear color like they refuse to use the 164 Crayola Box for the panic of living with the spectrum of the world in peace. So America, why do we hate? And mass kill for that matter? Because we are stupid, well armed and color blinded with hate. Just like in Blarney Country, Merry Old England, Mussolini Black Shirts and The Reich.

Shame on us all.

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