EDITORIAL: Permanently!

In the 1980’s, California Republicans backed Proposition 187 to not allow non citizens from accessing public medical care and services. With that vote, California Republicans turned that state permanently Democratic Blue. It was a mega political failure. 55 Electoral Votes are now NAVY BLUE BLUE.

When Republicans today back “The Wall”, espoused by the most hatefully racist President since Woodrow Wilson, they take the Republican Party on the road of a permanent voting minority. FDR turned Black “Lincoln” Republicans to New Deal Democrats. JFK & LBJ solidified it. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama memorialized it. And what about Hispanic Americans. The TRUMP SOUTHERN BORDER WALL (none proposed for Canadian Border) will permanently solidify Hispanic Americans to be 70-80% Democratic Voters. (Today, 70% of all Hispanic Voters vote Democrat) Build the Wall; lose the Political War…. PERMANENTLY.

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