When you look at it, any team with Andrew McCutchen, David Robertson, Jean Segura and JT Remaluto on their team is far from a failure. But when your owner says we’re gonna spend “stupid money” and then you don’t land the two biggest names out there, well, it kinda dampens things in Clearwater and The Delaware Valley. But there is a sure fire way to change things in a heart beat. SIGN: Mike Moustakas and Dallas Keuchel. TRADE: Franco, Hernandez, Alther and Herrera to the Angels for Mike Trout. Then it’s gonna be Harper Who? “Mach a do” about nothing!

This is the Phillies BEST future. Great and solid players that won’t ever take all the air out of the locker room. And we get people into Citizens Bank Park who want to be there to win! The numbers don’t lie and the product is Championship worthy. Get me my opening day tickets! I don’t care how cold it is March 28! 😳🥶

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