Sixers lose to Celtics by 3 as JoJo, Ben sleepwalk to loss.

The 76ers will win a World Championship with this roster and a few missing parts (Vince Carter or Lebron for instant office off the bench). But last night, after a party weekend with the “Tart” & her diabolic harum long into Monday, the Sixers laid an egg. The Celtics were OUTSTANDING. They couldn’t miss. They banged in 3 pointers from “Haywire”ward, “Hero”ford, Rozier, Tatum. The Celts played great defense, passed the ball well, hustled for rebounds and won by 3……. They were as best as they could be last night. And the SIxers stunk……. and lost by 3. Take heart Sixer Fans. We ship that TART! back to LA with Magic and the greatest dumbass of them all… Ring that BELL. Coach Brown said it best, “We’ve been together for a minute.” And after a few hours, this team is going to WIN MULTIPLE NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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