Johnny “Doc” Dougherty. The erstwhile and rising Union Leader from Philadelphia all points North, West and to DC. The man has the “Juice” to deliver votes, Get jobs for his members in the I.B.E.W. Local 98 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Secure work projects with Union Peace everywhere. INDICTED: JOHNNY DOC SAY IT AIN’T SO! 137 Counts of misusing Union Funds for his own benefit and his family. $800,000 worth of diverted funds for personal and family use from everything from toilet paper to snow plowing to dinners at elegant restaurants. JOHNNY DOC SAY IT AIN’T SO! At least he didn’t buy mosquito netting like The Prince of Darkness or pay gym membership like former Councilman Rick Mariano. Unfortunately, both the Vince of Darkness and Rick did some serious time in prison. The question here is whether Johnny Doc will “give up” enough conspirators to avoid jail time. Or will current City Councilman & Majority Leader Bobby Henon pull an “Former AC Mayor Mike Matthews”. Who will start chatting first? The first one to deny they’re doing it. JOHNNY DOC SAY IT AIN’T SO! signed affectionately, Mayor Jim Kenney….

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