Forget Harper & Machado… Sign Moustakas & Keuchel and TRADE FOR TROUT

Let’s be honest. Harper is good, but he’s not Trout. And Muchado is going to always be another Puig. Good numbers, but not great. Moustakas is a born third baseman with some decent power. He’s a good fielder and in all honesty he’s miles better than Franco. In fact, package Franco, Kingery, Hernandez, Alther and Odubel to The Angels for our Philly Guy! MIKE TROUT! The final piece is Keuchel. You have bulldogs like Nola, Arrieta, Velazquez and now Keuchel. The real final piece would be Bumgartner. He’s the true bulldog in the MLB. Coming up are Moniak, Quinn and Garcia (2B). If we get two years out of Cutch, we just might bring another parade down Broad Street. From my printed words to God’s eyes and ears. N

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